Located in the middle of the plain between the Hangzhou Bay and the Taihu, most of Deqing County is flat, criss-crossed by numerous canals. The western end of the county is mountainous. There, the popular tourist areas of Moganshan is located.
            Moganshan is a scenic mountain, an hour from Hangzhou, with many pre-World War II villas built by foreigners, along with one of Chiang Kai-shek's Guomindang compounds.
            Zisiqiao (子思桥) Village, located within Deqing County's Xinshi Town, is renowned as a center of snake farming. The locals have been raising snakes since the 1980s; currently, about 800 people in Zisiqiao work in snake farming industry, raising some 3 million snakes a year.
            Live snakes are supplied to specialty restaurants; dried or preserved in alcohol, they are sold to manufacturers of traditional Chinese medicines; snake-infused wine is made as well.[1][2] The village is nicknamed "Snake Village" by the media, and Deqing Snake Culture Museum is a local tourist attraction.